Purchasing for Business – Energy Procurement

Purchasing for Business specialises in reducing cost for business owners including your energy procurement. With 20 years industry experience and over 400 business customers, we’re here to help your business to review and reduce your electric, gas and water costs

As you’ll see below, the energy markets have been at a 3 year low so now is a great time to review your business energy contracts and help reduce costs and make savings.



It’s been a tough few months for all businesses and cost savings have become more important than ever. At Purchasing for Business, with our buying power, expertise and know how we can help you make sure you get the best energy pricing for your business and take advantage of the current market rates. What’s more, we can review your gas and electric contracts 12 months before they expire so you can take advantage of today’s pricing.

We can help your business save time and money by providing a simple, quick and easy service to provide competitive pricing. We provide our services to all businesses in all sectors and sizes so our buying power means that you’ll get access to great pricing and savings.

Get in touch with Purchasing for Business today so we can discuss your energy contracts requirements in more detail.  Count on Us - we’ve already delivered over £100m of cost savings for various business so you’re in good hands.

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